Ansi Standard Roller Chain 200-3R

Short Description:


Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Type: Roller Chain

Material: Iron

Tensile Strength: Strong

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Bullead

Model Number: ANSI

Packing: Wooden Box

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Product Features

1. Using high-quality alloy steel, so compared with the general counterparts, our C Type Steel Agricultural Chain has uniform thickness, round and smooth, and smooth surface without cracks
2. Wear-resistant and heat-resistant, so the chain runs stably

Four Principles of the Bullet Production Chain
1. High standard and strict production: After high standard and strict control of all factors affecting metal heating and cooling, the heat treatment can improve the hardness and strength
2. Industrial chain: the thickness of each chain piece is precise and uniform, almost no cracks, wear resistance and tensile strength are self-evident
3. The chemical raw materials are clean and bright: add chemical raw materials with a grinding machine, and after the chain piece is fully polished for a long time, it will be smooth and bright.
4. No cutting corners: Each pin is cut off according to strict standards, screened twice, and turned blue after quenching. The thickness is customized from the raw materials, and no corners are cut


Types and features of stainless steel agricultural roller chains

Rubber chain: This type of chain is based on A and B series chains with a U-shaped attachment plate added to the outer link, and rubber (such as natural rubber NR, silicone rubber SI, etc.) is attached to the attachment plate to increase the wear capacity. Reduce noise and increase shock resistance. for conveying.
◆ Tine chain: This chain is widely used in the wood industry, such as wood feeding and output, cutting, conveying table transportation, etc.
◆ Agricultural machinery chain: Agricultural machinery chain is suitable for field operation machinery such as walking tractor, thresher, combine harvester and so on. In addition to the chain requirements that are inexpensive but can withstand shock and wear, the chain should be greased or self-lubricating.
◆ High-strength chain: It is a special roller chain. By improving the shape of the chain plate, thickening the chain plate, fine-blanking the chain plate hole, and strengthening the pin shaft heat treatment, the tensile strength can be increased by 15~30%, and it has good impact performance. , fatigue performance.

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2. Product quality is very good.
3. Working time more than ten years.
4. Products steels are standard.

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