Double Pitch 40MN Conveyor Chain C2042

Short Description:


Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Type: Roller Chain

Material: Alloy

Tensile Strength: Strong

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Bullead

Model Number: ANSI

Payment: T/T

Product Detail

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Product Features

1. Heat treatment process, after high standard and high standard heat treatment and quenching process, the properties, bending shape and workpiece tensile strength can be improved. The heat treatment effect of our factory: 90 degree fracture, no trace
2. Pin screening, each pin is strictly screened without reducing material, so the surface is smooth and clean, otherwise, it is dark and stained
3. Chain screening, customized thickness from material chain plate without cutting corners
4. Surface treatment, adding chemical raw materials with a needle injection machine, for a long time without burrs, the surface is bright and white, on the contrary, there are burrs
From May, every one will start evenly and crack evenly open
5. Indicates electroplating, each part is fully electrolyzed, indicating that the thickness is equal, thereby improving the service life
6. About the attachment process, related to the processing point but with thorns, but the hub craft has no dark wheels and the wheels are black

Our Advantages

1. Seiko manufacturing, adhering to the industry’s best quality purpose
2. Standard measurement, every link is checked layer by layer to ensure zero error in product parameters
3. Excellent quality, from raw materials to precision work to measurement, to maximize product quality
4. Complete specifications, many product models, one-stop purchase
5. Support customization, our factory supports OEM, and assists enterprises to achieve brand promotion to the greatest extent
6. Intimate service, our staff is online 24 hours a day to provide the most efficient service



Q: What does your company mainly produces?
A: 1. Short pitch precision roller chains(A series) and with attachments
2. Short pitch precision roller chains(B series) and with attachments
3. Double pitch transmission chain and with attachments
4. Agricultural chains
5. motorcycle chains, sproket
6. Chain link


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