How to clean motorcycle chain

To clean the motorcycle chain, first use a brush to remove the sludge on the chain to loosen the thick deposited sludge and improve the cleaning effect for further cleaning. After the chain reveals its original metal color, spray it again with detergent. Do the last step of cleaning to restore the original color of the chain.
Expanded information:
The chain is generally a metal link or ring, which is mostly used for mechanical transmission and traction. Chains used to obstruct traffic passages (such as in streets, rivers or harbor entrances), chains for mechanical transmission.
Expanded information:
1. Chains include four series: transmission chains; conveyor chains; drag chains; special professional chains
2. A series of links or rings, often metal: chain-shaped objects used to obstruct traffic passages (such as in streets, at the entrance to rivers or harbors); chains for mechanical transmission;
3. Chains can be divided into short-pitch precision roller chains; short-pitch precision roller chains; curved plate roller chains for heavy-duty transmission; chains for cement machinery, plate chains; and high-strength chains.

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Post time: Sep-07-2023